Depraved Indifference


God has been working on my heart since moving in Challenge House 1. You see for years I have been blind to the hurt and struggles of my community…my neighbors. There is an indifference in our society if we do not see it and if we do not cause it, then it must not be our responsibility.

Friends that is so wrong. The hurt, the struggles, the seeking for something missing…it is our responsibility. My adoptive mom friend, Sarah Westerfield posted this above video, as adoptive parents we were able to see a need, in our cases around the world, and take action, but that does not in itself complete our commission to care for the fatherless and widows. It is not a one time act, fulfilling our obligation and we can then live our American Dream expecting others to take care of the rest of the hurt and pain in the world.

Our town, Hopkinsville, has widows and fatherless that are struggling to make it through each day. They are faced with trials that I could not fathom before moving into our home. It breaks my heart and overwhelms me with guilt and shame that I could live with an indifferent attitude for so long. However, God does not want us to dwell there…He commands us to take action…to show HIS love and HIS grace, because it is not overwhelming for HIM.

Friends we need your help…we need others to come along side of us and say, “This is the time to take action….this is the will and command of GOD…these HURTING and BROKEN people are our mission field.” Then we need you to not just say these words, but to TAKE ACTION…

This neighborhood, these children….they are GOD’s HUDSON…

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