Driving back to CH7 at lunch on Tuesday, I crossed over the Walking Trail on 15th Street and came upon a tiny beige colored dog walking in the middle of the road. I blew my car horn, but that tiny ball of beige fur gave me the stink eye and just kept slowly walking.  Now, I am an animal lover and it really concerned me that this tiny dog was walking in the middle of such a busy street. I pulled over to the side of 15th Street and Phelps Avenue and got out of my car.  I tried to coax the dog from the middle of the road especially since three other vehicles had already laid on their horns and passed Mr. Stubborn Doggie on the wrong side of the street. One black truck almost sent the dog to its heavenly reward right there in the middle of 15th Street!!!

So, I noticed the gray house on the corner of 15th and Phelps had two similar dogs in the back yard so I ran up the concrete steps and knocked on the door. Out came Nancy.  I had not met Nancy before, but as soon as she smiled at me, I felt like I had known her a lifetime. We became fast friends over the concern for Mr. Stubborn Doggie in the middle of the street!  The dog was not hers, but like me, she had tried to get him to safer ground before I came along.  I explained to her I was on my lunch break and was living at the Challenge House.  She shared that she knew that building well and had been in the building many times before the Challenge House came along.

About that time, the house next to Nancy’s house front door opened and out ran a small beagle dog.  The beagle ran straight for Nancy and she picked him up and started walking toward her neighbor’s house to return the beagle, and thus, I got to meet Rapora.  The three of us stood there brainstorming how to get Mr. Stubborn Doggie out of the street when the dog suddenly took off down Phelps Avenue and ran behind a house. We stood there for another five or six minutes talking and waiting to see if the dog would reappear, but that little beige ball of fur must have had other streets to explore.

As I made my way back to the Challenge House and eventually back to work, I marveled how I had just made two new friends who are so open and friendly, and how God used a small ball of beige fur to engineer a meeting with Nancy and Rapora and her Mr. Beagle Dog.

We are created to make each day count, and  I am so thankful that that small ball of beige fur and his street-walking tendencies made my small day count in a big way with the addition of two new friends.  I am so crazy about the Author of this Life, as HE continues to bless even my small days.  I know I am planting seeds for a bigger harvest with HIM, and I am living out a higher calling on even the smallest of days because I am partnering with GOD in something beyond myself.