Published Newspaper articles from the Kentucky New Era about Challenge House:



2805, 2018

Feeling Flat?

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What do you do when you have the wind knocked out of you or when you feel deflated?   To whom do you turn? How do you get back into the game when circumstances have knocked you down? This air compressor has inflated hundreds of basketballs, footballs, and bicycle tires since we moved into our Challenge House some six years ago.  When I look at this humble apparatus it amazes me how the simplest tools can be used to show love to a neighbor. I believe that’s how we are supposed to interact with each other [...]

1809, 2017

Eating Well at Challenge House

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In cooperation with the West Side Neighborhood Association and University of Kentucky - Christian County Extension Office, Challenge House #3 hosted it's first "Healthy Cooking on a Budget" class.  The Extension Agent walked the participates through the preparation of a budget based healthy recipe in which everyone got to enjoy.  The West Side Neighborhood Association provided groceries for each participant which allowed them to then prepare the entire meal at home. -  

1809, 2017

Youth Leadership Hopkinsville at Challenge House #3

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Challenge House is lucky to be able to partner with Youth Leadership Hopkinsville.  Seeing Hopkinsville's future leaders in action gives us hope for a brighter tomorrow.  Thank you, team, for helping us to inform our neighbors of upcoming events at the Challenge House as well as being good examples of trailblazers in community involvement for our younger friends.

2706, 2017

Block Party

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We had a fantastic time at our Challenge House 3 block party this weekend! A big thanks to our friends at Second Baptist Church for helping out and to the Hopkinsville Police Officers that stopped by to play ball with the kids for a while! We met lots of Westside families for the first time and enjoyed fellowship with longtime neighbors, as well.

1605, 2016


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 I can sometimes find myself humming this children’s song,  “I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy   Down in my heart, Down in my heart, Down in my heart   I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy   Down in my heart, Down in my heart to stay” What is JOY for me? What is JOY for you? I stopped today to consider “what is JOY” when I found myself humming this song.. Maybe JOY for me does look different than JOY for you. For me, JOY is whatever makes my heart sing…… ~ Meet [...]

304, 2016


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I was out walking in the Canton Pike neighborhood today after church.  I met two ladies that were standing outside a house talking in the neighborhood behind the hospital.  I recognized one of the women and waved hi. She rushed over to where I was and threw her arms around me, an action I was not expecting at all. She then said, Ms. Sherry I know you from Pennyroyal because I have seen you there and I know you from the Christmas party at Challenge House 7.  I asked her name and her friend walked [...]

1103, 2016

 Cracked Coffee Cups and Fissured Souls

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Tap tap tap. Clock says 11:00 pm. Tap tap tap. That’s a knock. On the apartment door. My door. 11:00 pm????? I looked out the window. Small woman standing in the rain leaning my way to look IN the window. Eyes meeting. She jumps back and starts crying, hand rubbing her face hard. I opened the door and she cautiously stepped into Challenge House 7. Sherry she asks.   I nod and she opens her mouth and the ugliness of her night, her week, her life comes struggling out in torrents of words, dripping from her [...]