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Challenge House 3

3003, 2012

New Friends

By |March 30th, 2012|Challenge House 3|

I love the way kids can just instantly bond with one another in the name of play! They don't care about skin color, economic status, education level, or even if they know each other's names! They just want to play with someone their own size! I have watched this happen so many times in the last couple of weeks. As the weather has warmed, kids naturally want to play outside - ride bikes, walk the dog, etc. There are so many children in this neighborhood, I don't know how we will ever get to know [...]

1103, 2012


By |March 11th, 2012|Challenge House 3|

You never really know how much "stuff" you have until you put it all in boxes and then unpack it again!  That has been the primary focus for us this week-unpacking our new life here at Challenge House 3.  We've actually made pretty good progress!  We are basically down to just figuring out where to hang all the wall photos and curtains. We have already had several meetings here, with another big day planned for tomorrow.  We have a Girl Scout Troop that meets here every Thursday, so we got to meet those sweet girls [...]

403, 2012

Blessed Beyond Measure

By |March 4th, 2012|Challenge House 3|

WOW! What an exciting week we have had! Last Sunday our home church commissioned us as neighborhood missionaries, pledging to support us in deed and in prayer. Since we are Southern Baptists, this was followed by a potluck lunch:) Then, those that we able walked the block and a half or so to our Challenge House, where we encircled the house, hand in hand, and prayed over it and all those that will be affected by the ministry taking place in it. What an awesome experience this was! Such a sweet fellowship with our church [...]