“Mr. Wally’ he said, ‘I have something I want to ask you; How come you do what you do”? I was caught completely off guard. I had taken him, a senior in high school, to a community concert, along with a senior girl. (I had gotten to know both through a faith-based summer teen “work-over-welfare” program, known as “AT&T”). After the concert ended, including both teens getting to go backstage to meet the singer, he asked me to give him a ride home, real close to Challenge House #1. Right before we arrived at his house, that question was asked.

I stumbled. I said something like this: “When I was 20 I gave my life to Christ, and though I have had my share of sin and misdirection, I just want to finish strong by helping as many of you young men and women as possible’. I told him, ‘I believe in you; you have what it takes”. That was it, he got out, and I drove home. Last Friday night.

Really that question could have been asked of any of those living in Challenge Houses (Neighborhood Ambassadors), and their answers would have been close to the same in content as mine. I feel uncomfortable writing about me. Please know that I know it’s not about me. It’s an amazing tapestry that God has woven; looking backward over the last 10 years + is vision in reverse: catching a current glimpse of His Hand, and many hands, your hands. It really is the Body of Christ—it really is faith in action—it really is the Holy Spirit gluing us believers together “for others”. I wish every city had Challenge Houses~

The young man is musical in interest; I’m not. He’s tall; I’m short. I’m light-skinned; he’s dark skinned. I’m 67; he’s 17—50 years difference. So what!  The next day, Saturday, he had a session at the 913 Building studio, and I dropped in to watch him with his teacher, James Dillingham. James asked him to make up a quick song. He did! He sang something like this: “Thank you Mr. Wally, and Thank you Mr. James”—and some other really neat words of appreciation—good rap!

This world system is killing, stealing, and destroying way too many of our young. All of you who back this ministry are part of the rescue. Every 1 counts.