JANUARY 15, 2016

I met a man the other day.  He was dirty, “bone dry weary” and thirsty.  I was driving and listening to Elvis Presley sing “How Great Thou Art” and I missed my turn on 17th street, so I went on down to the next road and turned right off Canton Pike.  The man was sitting on [...]

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JANUARY 7, 2016

Last night I had a Women’s Group meeting at Challenge House 7.  These were women from the Canton Pike Neighborhood that needed to sing their life songs of perceived hurt, hopelessness, and worthlessness.  What transpired was the knitting together of friendships that allowed for the singing of life songs that truly inspired and assisted each [...]

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  Sitting on my couch the other night Watching some neighborhood friends Look at pictures on the walls of my apartment   Commenting on this picture and that frame,   Remembering when I moved into the Challenge House 7 apartment just six months prior   Remembering standing in the middle of my Challenge House 7 [...]

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