I watch the children on Phelps Avenue play in the late afternoon sun,

Watch them run and chatter and chase and jump

It seems their feet were born to run the race

It seems they have never moved at any slower pace.

They chase each other and the bugs and butterflies,

Under mountains of clouds in the bright blue sky.

They chase the cat, the dog, the kid on a bike and the sunbeams too

Chasing each other with a “can’t catch me” tune.

They chase basketballs, bikes, and fun

Chasing with happiness on faces lifted to the sun

And I think, someday when they are all grown

They each will be chasing adult dreams of their own.

And I know these sun-filled fun days

Will leave fingerprint memories on each child’s heart

Fingerprints of time spent in the sun

With friends long remembered after all the fun.

But come night with the setting sun,

I pray a prayer for each child

I pray that they will choose wisely, as they grow

And chase after the fingerprints of Godliness.

Chase after honesty, chase after grace,

Chase the Author of FAITH.

Chase after treasures of the HEAVENLY kind,

Chase after the GODLY pureness of word, deed and mind.

Chase after mercy and the truth in God’s word,

Chase after promises always assured.

May these children chase after hearts that are hurting, maybe lost,

Chase away pain with GOD’s fingerprints of hope of the CROSS.

And though they will falter; and the chase may grow long,

I pray that each child’s steps will stay steadfast and strong.

And may it be said that wherever they trod,

These children choose to chase the whole heart of GOD.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength.  – Dueteronomy 6:5