I read a book last night.  I was up to 3 a.m. reading it to the finish.  I could not put it down.

The book was called “WITH JUSTICE FOR ALL” by John Perkins.  John Perkins does a great job of outlining a three step plan for dealing with the poverty that is so PREVALENT in our American culture. His ideas are based on his experiences with his work trying to break the cycle of wealth and poverty in Mississippi.  John Perkins intertwines scripture as well as a plea for people to get involved.

His three step plan involves:

Relocation: a strategy for here and now –

Reconciliation: a strategy for here and now –

Redistribution: a strategy for here and now –


John Perkins is co-founder of Christian Community Development Association (CCDA).  I think you will be shocked to read his take on different issues, from social action to free enterprise to racial reconciliation. He takes no political sides, actually straddles the fence nearly perfectly in my opinion. The book is centered on poor black communities but the information can applied to nearly all communities, whether black or poor or neither because it focuses on community.


Perkins’ advice is tried and true, he’s done it and many other have followed his lead and done it as well, with one example being Wally Bryan with the Challenge House movement.  This book intones “I am persuaded that the Church, as the steward of this gospel, holds the key to justice in our society. Either justice will come through us or it will not come at all.” John Perkins’s optimistic view of justice becoming a reality starts and ends with the Church.  This “With Justice for All” book is Perkins’s invitation to live out the gospel in a way that brings good news to the poor and liberty to the oppressed (from Luke 4:18).  This invitation is extended to every racial and ethnic group to be reconciled to one another, to work together to make our land all God wants it to be.  And it is a blueprint—a practical strategy for the work of biblical justice in our time.  Some very applicable “EVERY COMMUNITY HAS THESE PROBLEMS” coming from the dark mouth of segregation is addressed in this book. Perkins gives powerful testimony to the survival of the civil rights movement and the shaping of true Christian culture in the face of social and economic hardship.  His advice is not easy, it is hard work, but it can be extremely rewarding.  I think this book should be required reading for our presidential candidates!!!!

“With Justice for All” certainly should be read by every human on Earth.

This book teaches:

Evangelism is not enough –

A powerless gospel –

Sheep without a shepherd –

Here am I, send me! –

I have a dream, too –

Your need is my need –

Filling the leadership vacuum –

Getting your feet wet –

Love is stronger than hate –

The reconciled community –

The rocky road to reconciliation –

The no-so-great-society –

Can free enterprise work for us? –