AT&T Program 2018

The acronym AT&T stands for Attitude, Training and Teamwork. It is a program designed to provide preparation and insights in the importance of work and education. It is also a program designed to help educate and equip students with an understanding of the importance having and maintaining the right attitude in the school and workplace as well as in everyday life. Topics covered during the program include, but not limited to, career interest evaluation, resume preparation, interview etiquette, Bible study, decision making, money management and being responsible. These topics are covered during the first week of the program. Each student will have the privilege of attending daily seminars with guest speakers from various professions. During the second week the students will be exposed to the workplace. Challenge House will arrange for each student to spend four days of shadowing local professionals n their place of employment. We feel very strongly that this process will enable students to prepare for success in both school and wok. Each students who completes the program will receive a certificate of graduation, along with a $250.00 congratulatory check. This program is for students that are currently in High School.

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