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Challenge House 7

Challenge House 7 is located at 1605 Phelps Ave. behind the Christian County Health Department.  This house is unique in that Challenge House has partnered with the Civitan organization for House 7, and serves as “Challenge House Central” with the Administrative offices of Challenge House being located in the House.  The programming possibilities for this House are endless.

Sherry Cruise is the Neighborhood Ambassador at Challenge House 7.

101, 2016


By |January 1st, 2016|Challenge House 7|

  Sitting on my couch the other night Watching some neighborhood friends Look at pictures on the walls of my apartment   Commenting on this picture and that frame,   Remembering when I moved into the Challenge House 7 apartment just six months prior   Remembering standing in the middle of my Challenge House 7 apartment the first time and seeing   Empty Walls.   I had not shed a tear when I piled my little silver car full of my clothes and bid a weekly goodbye to the house I raised my children in [...]

3012, 2015

DECEMBER 30, 2015

By |December 30th, 2015|Challenge House 7|

Driving back to CH7 at lunch on Tuesday, I crossed over the Walking Trail on 15th Street and came upon a tiny beige colored dog walking in the middle of the road. I blew my car horn, but that tiny ball of beige fur gave me the stink eye and just kept slowly walking.  Now, I am an animal lover and it really concerned me that this tiny dog was walking in the middle of such a busy street. I pulled over to the side of 15th Street and Phelps Avenue and got out of my car.  I tried to [...]

112, 2015

Sherry Cruise

By |December 1st, 2015|Challenge House 7|

On such a rainy windswept day, Casper and  I was out walking the neighborhood, and found about five kids out playing in the rain in clothes better suited for summer.  I stopped and asked them how was their Christmas and they all began excitedly to tell me what they had received which mostly consisted of basketballs and bikes.  One child who looked to be about seven or eight mentioned a truck and some clothes and then hung his head as the other children started teasing him that a truck was all he got.  I invited [...]