Frequently Asked Questions

No, Challenge Houses are residential single-family homes; the occupants are committed to Christian hospitality.

The ultimate goal of Challenge Houses is to make it easy for persons, couples, and families to live out their faith within an under-resourced neighborhood, and while there to share not only their Christ-centered reason for relocating, but to also help connect kids and adults to opportunities of education, employment, and life skills.
The concept of Challenge House is based on this premise: some men and women have mission-hearts but prefer to live out their faith dealing with the problems here in our own country. It has “Peace Corps” likings, but it’s all-domestic, and it’s all founded on The Way. A foreign missionary goes abroad and lives among the people; we believe that some Christians should do the same here at home. You do not have to be a licensed minister to occupy a Challenge House.
It’s much more about seeing lives stabilized and energized with faith and hope. Challenge House occupants will seek to “re-neighbor” the neighborhood, and will seek to build long-term relationships of trust and care.

Yes! The Workshops will stress work-over-welfare! What is your idea? Some of ours are: sewing classes, woodworking classes, computer training, and Scouts.

AA meetings, pre-employment testing, GED classes, personal budgeting classes, garden clubs, Bible studies, parenting classes, tutoring, driver’s license tutoring, chess clubs, and nutrition classes. We hope to work closely with doctors and nurses associated with public health improvement!