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Published Newspaper articles from the Kentucky New Era about Challenge House:



104, 2013

April 2013

By | April 1st, 2013|

56 degrees inside. Mom and 4 children. Landlord short on funds. Central gas heater broken. We find out. Things begin to happen. So many involved. Fuses for her fuse box---so portable electric heaters work again. Big kerosene heater provided with fuel, Fire Department comes through with smoke detectors. This family was able to tough it out without moving; so important as 2 of the children walked to school, and are involved in after-school activities. So often people speak of where they "stay"; so many move so often. The younger children feel loved and accepted at Challenge House 3. [...]

109, 2012

September 2012

By | September 1st, 2012|

Jail to Challenge House---let me write it differently: I picked up an inmate---I know he’s a skilled carpenter---I took him to the construction site of Challenge House #4, over by Pennyrile Apartments public housing. It was early—probably 6:30 AM---Before he exited the car to begin work, he suggested, “Let’s pray”—we did, and then he handed me a $10 bill. He wanted it to go to Challenge House. I deposited it to our non-profit account! Good start to the day! He had lived in a Challenge House neighborhood and knows how we try to help kids [...]

1707, 2012

Summer 2012

By | July 17th, 2012|

17,16, 15, 14 “Boot Camp” about work-started with 17; only 14 teens made it through the first 4 days---1-a-day was booted (late to work, for example). Challenge House #I and #II combined to offer this “real world’ program—much Jobs for Life content, along with many community speakers. Each student job shadowed the second week—teens worked in areas of personal interest such as: Court House (law),MansfieldAnimalHospital, Tom Bell State Farm, Coldwell Banker, Sisk Auto Mall, The Place, Harper House,JennieStuartMedicalCenter, Toms & Toms physician, and Police Department. AT&T provided student checks of $150. Incredible program that is life-changing! [...]

102, 2012

Inner-City Report-February 2012 – Challenge House Outreach

By | February 1st, 2012|

It’s been building up in my soul to write about him. He was my neighbor, but not too sure I was my "neighbor’s keeper." Tony died the day after Christmas. Read to the bottom to know him~ First, just a few weeks ago, around 8:30 AM, I hear a knock on the door at Challenge House #III. I open the door and the 8th grade girl, who lives right across the street, was standing there. She had never before been to Challenge House, but she knew it was a place she could get help. She [...]

110, 2011

Fall/Winter 2011

By | October 1st, 2011|

This Report, unlike others of the past, deals with fundraising. The story-filled content, I believe, sets forth the importance and value of the Challenge House approach which focuses on developing and discipling kids and adults. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested and/or who might be willing to help fund it.The mailing address is at the bottom of this Report/Letter. 2011/2012 A local pastor and I are riding bikes and I spot a 12-year old girl; I ask her, "What has Challenge House meant to you?" She replies, "It's [...]

108, 2011

Inner-City Report-August 2011—Challenge House—YMCA’s “99&1” outreach—Hopkinsville, KY

By | August 1st, 2011|

The last few months have been the busiest ever for Challenge House Neighborhood work---as you know, our focus is on faith, education, and work-over-welfare, and in the process of our work, and being outside “in the streets” meeting people, many relationships are established, some which will literally last a life-time. Though our work brings us many projects and programs, it’s always the resulting relationships that seem to matter the most! Attached to this email is a short video---on the newscast from about the 8:40 mark to the 12:29 mark---hope you take time to watch it [...]

105, 2011

May 2011

By | May 1st, 2011|

Flash forward: its Saturday now, and before 5 AM. I drive by the downtown shed, shine my headlights and flashlight into it, and shout, “Steve” at the sleeping bag bulk I can barely see. After 15 seconds of no movement, I decide to drive away---just did not think it wise to go shake a body which might be the wrong one! Was that body that man? Flash back: it’s Monday. I took a night-walk. I faced a man. He stopped me. We talked. I turned round. Now we walked in the same direction. A lot [...]

2203, 2011

Newsletter: March 28, 2011

By | March 22nd, 2011|

Charlie Majors could not read or write. Mrs. Smith read for hours a day, and wrote beautifully. I attended funeral services for both this month. Charlie was 62; Mrs. Smith was 86. My skin tone is light; they each had darker skin. Who cares? Did not God make it. Maybe he made it that way so we would grow to see past it? My formal education is way above theirs, but I learned far more from them than they did me. My net worth exceeded theirs, but knowing them made me rich. Until a few [...]

1812, 2010

Newsletter: December 18, 2010

By | December 18th, 2010|

"Bottom of the pile." How and Why do so many in our city wind up there? This should be a profound question, and one all of us ought to ponder, along with this question: what am I/what are we---going to do about it? Will a turkey at Thanksgiving or a Toy at Christmas really ignite the Spark it takes to move a person to hope and change? Over 6.5 years now I have circulated among the poor and near homeless (and sometimes the homeless) and the one thing that strikes me is hope. How do [...]