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The Challenge House concept is based on the premise that some men and women have mission-hearts, but prefer to live out their faith dealing with the problems here in our own country. The primary goal is to link the lives of the children and adults living in the inner-city with Neighborhood Ambassadors who reside in a Challenge House. It’s all about “love thy neighbor!” With the idea of Hull-House as an inspiration, and with the “relocation” so stressed by the CCDA, the concept of the Challenge House Movement was born.

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Who We Are

We are a “relocation” ministry, one where we move into an economically “challenged” neighborhood and love, listen, learn—and we are a ministry of welcome and hospitality—a ministry of making room—making time—for those divine interruptions that are just waiting to bless others, and us too. We are a ministry of story. We occupy Challenge Houses, and among other things, help build: a thirst for lifelong learning, a faith that transforms behavior, a mindset of work-over-welfare.  To learn more about becoming a Challenge House Neighborhood Ambassador, please call or email Wally Bryan at 270-889-3395 or email wallybryan@hotmail.com.

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What We Do

We move out of our comfort zones. We depend on Christ in us, the hope of glory. We don’t fix people or neighborhoods, but we do pull together toward building the Kingdom! We read Nehemiah, and see that rubble can become strong—that a neighborhood, a city, CAN change from dismal to hopeful! We “relocate” into Houses ready to move into—Challenge Houses—then we live simple and intentional lives, powered by the Holy Spirit.

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